Cerebral Palsy Sport Hall of Fame

The Cerebral Palsy Sport Hall of Fame recognises outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of sport. All of these people have excelled in, or been pioneers in the development of disability sports for people with cerebral palsy.

colinrains Colin Rains MBE

Colin Rains, Paralympic Order, Member of the Order of the British Empire, Hon Dr. Education, M. Education, M. Phil. DLC

Unfortunately Colin is no longer with us but his spirit lives on his ethos and values are deeply embedded within our organisation.

Colin, a founding member of CP Sport, pioneer of national and British disability sports organisations and of the International Paralympic Movement, devoted his life to the equality of opportunities for disabled sportspeople throughout the world.

CP Sport, its members, friends and associates owe a huge debt of gratitude to Colin for his lifelong involvement in disability sport and pay tribute to the significant achievements and vigorous campaigns he fought to improve and provide fair and equal competitive and recreational opportunities for disabled people and particularly those with cerebral palsy.

As Colin advocated:

“each athlete in each group or class must have the opportunity and the right to be given the chance to compete”. IPC Conference, Turin 1998 The Forgotten Athletes.

Colin rendered outstanding services to sport for those with cerebral palsy and CP Sport as it exists today is the legacy to Colin’s early endeavours. Through Colin’s inspiration, motivation and support the lives of many current athletes and families have been enriched. We will miss his lively sense of humour and his unrelenting enthusiasm and passion for all the work that is carried out in improving the lifestyles and choices in the sporting environment for those with cerebral palsy.



christine cruice Christine Cruice

Christine was instrumental in developing a fair and equal classification system and took the helm as chairman at a time when CP Sport had to battle to overcome major financial problems. Seeing the current healthy state of CP Sport, and all the excellent work carried out by our dedicated staff, would have pleased her immensely.

Christine was one of the most influential and highly respected English classifiers. She served the CPISRA cause well for over 25 years at local, national and international level. Many Scottish athletes with cerebral palsy, head injury or stroke who participated at the Robin Hood or Sherwood Games during the 80s and 90s were classified by Christine. In Barcelona in 1992, she played a prominent role in the overhaul of the CPISRA international classification system.

CP Sport owes a lot to the commitment and expertise of Christine. She was a highly committed volunteer for many years and was the first line classification contact for many English and overseas athletes who went on to excel in international sport. Christine was a very skilled physiotherapist with a very analytical mind and brilliant communication skills. Athletes and players warmed to her immediately and fellow classifiers viewed her as a very dignified, competent and distinguished lady.

She never became flustered even in the most trying of situations and she had the skills and abilities to defuse potentially difficult situations when all around her were losing composure. Christine was a wonderful team player. Those of us who worked with her at international level appreciate she was a woman of great integrity. Classifiers have to be cool under pressure and Christine delivered consistently.

Christine Cruice is one of the unsung heroines of international classification. She has served the CP movement far and beyond the call of duty and has carried out her duties in the most low key manner. Nobody who has worked with her has a cross word to say about her and athletes and players who have been through her hands always speak about her with great respect and affection. Christine always valued the athlete first and foremost and believed that the classification process should be painless and if possible enjoyable.

She placed great emphasis on putting the athlete at ease. This came easily to her because she was a “classy” lady. I was delighted to learn that she was able to attend the recent wedding of her daughter Esther who had a wonderful Paralympic career as a sprinter. Esther now works as a coaching advisor with Sports Coach UK. Understandably Christine was immensely proud of Esther and together they were a great team.The international movement can ill afford to lose great people like Christine. A number of us who worked closely with her in Barcelona come together in the Netherlands for the first time in many years. We shall take time to remember her and the significant role she played in the history and development of CP classification worldwide. She has served CPISRA well and offered years of support and preparing athletes for international sport. Christine may have left us but she will never be forgotten by the army of athletes and players whom she has influenced and the many national and international classifiers who have benefited from working with her.

Thank you Christine. You made CP Sport a much stronger organisation than it was when you joined by your commitment as a volunteer with lots of expertise and compassion.


bob fisher Bob Fisher

Bob Fisher is recognised as an international leader in sport for people with cerebral palsy. He has worked tirelessly throughout his life to develop the sport of football, travelling throughout the world and running courses as far a field as Iran.

Bob previously held the role of Chairperson for the Football 7-a-Side Committee of the Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CPISRA). CPISRA Presidnet Alan Dickson says “Without Bob Fisher CP Soccer would not be the exciting sport that it is today”

In 2009 Bob was a recipient of the Paralympic Order. This is the highest tribute a person connected with the Paralympic Movement can achieve. It honours persons who have made important contributions to the Paralympic Movement, have illustrated the Paralympic ideal through their actions, have achieved remarkable merit in the Paralympic sporting world or have rendered outstanding services to the Paralympic cause.

Thank you Bob!