Boccia Balls Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only sell HandiLife Boccia balls?

Yes all our balls are manufactured by HandiLife Sport and are BISFed (Boccia International Federation) approved competition balls.

What is the difference between 6 panel and 12 panel balls?

It is simple the number of panels the superior boccia balls is made up of, and which is right for you, is simply a matter of personal preference.

What is the difference between Superior Classic and Superior balls?

The difference between Superior Classic and Superior balls is the bag they are supplied in.  Superior Classic come in the supreme/elite bag which has a sturdy plastic inlay tht gives each ball shape protection  The Superior set come in Handi Life Sport’s traditional blue shoulder bag with adjustable strap.

The balls supplied in both these sets are the same superior ball available in whichever number of panels and hardness required.

Can I pay by credit / debit card?

Yes, you can now pay by credit or debit card.  Please note that there will be a 2.4% surcharge on all payments made by credit card.