Boccia Balls – Boccia Basic Set

Handi Life Sport have introduced a new version of their popular Standard Boccia set called Boccia Basic.

boccia basic

Boccia Basic balls remain a strong, durable and more affordable alternative to Handi Life Sport’s Superior Boccia Sets ideal for schools/players that are new to the game. They meet BisFED’s (Boccia International Sport Federation) international competition standards and are available in a medium hardness only. Sewn in PU material and filled with granules, no PVC is used in their production.  Boccia Basic Sets come with a one year warranty.

Suitable for recreational use in clubs and institutions.

NEW features for the Boccia Basic set:-

  • Each set includes a referee’s paddle.
  • They can be used outdoors.

Price:  £180 inclusive of VAT and delivery.

To order a Boccia Basic set of Boccia Balls, please download the order form below:




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