2018 CPISRA World Games

All information regarding the 2018 World Games including day rates, entry standards and classification has been received from the local Organising Committee in Sant Cugat as the host organising body.

Independent Athlete Entry
• Where an athlete meets the eligibility criteria and qualification standards for the CP World Games, they may apply to their CPISRA member (CP Sport) for endorsement of their entry as an Independent Athlete through a letter of support. Anyone entering as an Independent Athlete should contact CP Sport (2018worldgames@cpsport.org) to request a letter of support.

• Once a letter of support has been obtained, the athlete should compete the attached ‘Intention to Compete’ and submit to info@cpworldgames.com and sam.turner@cpisra.org along with the letter of support before 5th January 2018.

• Once approved by CPISRA, the athlete will then be sent the First Entry Information pack and a link to the World Games Entry Portal where they can complete the First Entry for the games. This is open until 26th January 2018.

• As an Independent Athlete entry, and not as a CPISRA member organisation entry, a Registration Fee of €100 (Euro) will be incurred as an additional cost to contribute towards the administration and management costs of CPISRA and the LOC.

• Please note that independently registered athletes will be responsible for every aspect of their participation in the World Games including:
– All entry, travel and accommodation costs
– Any care or support requirements, including specific training, coaching and medical resources
– Any insurances required such as medical, travel etc.

• Independent Athletes will compete under the CPISRA flag and will be listed on Event Schedules and Medal Tables under the team ‘CPISRA IA’.


Independent Athletes

On completion of a CPISRA member organisation’s team selection, and on receiving a letter of support from the CPISRA member, ‘Independent Athletes’ may directly enter to the LOC. An entry fee will be charged to cover the LOC’s additional games management costs associated with participation of independent athletes.

To enquire about entry as an independent athlete please email 2018worldgames@cpsport.org

Please note all competitors entering must meet the Minimum Qualifying Standards set by the LOC.


Following on from CPISRA’s announcement in April that CPISRA Federació Esportiva Catalana de Paralítics Cerebrals (FECPC) had been selected to host the 2018 CPISRA World Games, we are extremely pleased to convey that the contract to hold the Games has been signed with FECPC.

Cerebral Palsy Sport can therefore confirm the 2018 CPISRA World Games will be held in Sant Cugat, Spain in August, 2018

The 2018 CPISRA World Games will include competitions in Athletics, Swimming, RaceRunning, U19 Football and Para-Taekwondo. There will also be development camps and competitions for Boccia, Table Tennis, Female Football and Wheelchair Slalom.

To download a the revises schedule click here 2018_CPISRA_WORLD_GAMES_Updated_Games_Schedulev1

Cerebral Palsy Sport are pleased to announce that we will be coordinating Team England to attend the games to emulate the success of the Nottingham 2015 CPISRA World Games.

Further information regarding sport standards, selection process and Team England Criteria will be announced in due course.

Please note individuals DO NOT need to complete an intention to compete as Cerebral Palsy Sport will coordinate this for Team England.

The 2018 World Games Logo is revealed!

The logo of the CP World Games – Sant Cugat 2018

The logo of the CP World Games – Sant Cugat 2018 represents the union and integration of different kind of people, no matter their individual condition or disability, to get a common goal: the elite sport adapted.

Three different figures and six circles form together the final logo. This shapes are not equal, rounded in different sizes and painted with different colors. This sizes and colors differences are representing the different kind of people (size) and the different origin of all participants (colors). The logo of the CP World Games wants to remark the diversity.

CP World Games – Sant Cugat 2018 will be a global competition, open to everybody no matter their origin and palsy disability. And our logo wants to represent this union and integration. Everybody will be welcome in Sant Cugat, as our logo suggests.

The logo was created by Helena Jovani

Qualification Standards – 2018 CPISRA World Games

The entry Qualification standards for the 2018 CPISRA World Games were released at the beginning of September 2017.

The Qualification Standards Guide is available on the World Games 2018 website

The Guide describes in detail how athletes and teams can qualify for the 2018 CPISRA World Games in each of the 4 sports, and 4 development sports on the Games programme.

If you have any questions please email info@cpsport.org

For more information on the games please visit www.cpworldgames.com


 World Games 2018 logo