Treasurer and Chair of the Finance, Fundraising and Marketing – Mr Paul Bowman

Paul Bowman

Treasurer and Chair of the Finance, Fundraising and Marketing Sub Committee

Outside of CP Sport, Paul Bowman is Regional Head of Business Intermediary Relationships for Barclays Corporate, where he manages a team of colleagues from Suffolk across to Wales and then all parts North.  As part of this role, Paul has responsibility for delivering his Team’s commitments to achieving commercial mortgage lending aspirations as well as exceeding Barclays conduct and compliance minimum standards.  He has worked as a landing manager as well as a National Performance Manager, where he helped coach and manage across a team of 120 colleagues.  In addition, Paul has also worked in HR, Fraud and Project management functions. Outside of work, Paul is married and has a young family, which he spends most of his personal time ferrying from one sporting activity to another!

What do you like about being a trustee?

I really enjoy the fact that we, as Trustees, can directly contribute towards the future of the charity and that we act as custodians in what we do.  I very much see my role as being an “agitator” – someone who will hopefully challenge the way in which things are done, so that they can be done even better.  Trustees are there to support the Senior Management Team.

What do you hope to achieve as a trustee in the future?

I’d like to think that as a Trustee, I have contributed to the long terms stability of the organisation, which allows it to then reach out to more people, helping them engage in and benefit from sport.

What does Cerebral Palsy Sport mean to you?

It’s a really personal thing for me, as my own brother had severe CP.  As a child, the opportunities that he had to enjoy and engage/participate in sport were very limited and as such, I am sure that he didn’t feel that this aspect of his life was fulfilled.  Helping others achieve that sense of fulfilment is therefore very important to me.