It’s World CP Day 2017!

World CP Day is a movement of people with cerebral palsy and their families, and the organisations that support them, in more than 60 countries. This year World CP Day takes place today,  Friday 6th October.

Its vision is to ensure that children and adults with CP have the same rights, access and opportunities as anyone else in our society.

Robyn Cummins World CP Day Manager explains: “Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood and is also one of the least understood. There are over 17 million people living with CP and 350 million family, friends and supporters who care about them.”

“But In many countries, people with CP are ‘invisible’. They live out of sight, out of mind and out of options.”

“We talk to people with CP, their families and organisations around the world and find incredibly frustrating similarities. The same issues keep coming up again and again.”

“But the good news is we also hear about the success stories – individuals and organisations who are creating positive change in their communities and are willing to share their experiences, tools and tips. Our mission is to highlight the issues, unearth the success stories and encourage people to take action in their communities.”

The World CP Day have published a number of infographs to regognise the day, which we will share through the CP Sport social media platforms.

Please see the full presentation from World CP Day which covers lots of information about cp:  What_is_CP_slide_deck_2017

You can also find out more information on our website here

Cerebral Palsy Sport will be supporting World CP Day by sharing infographs, stories and news throughout the day. There will also be an opportunity for our twitter followers to put their questions to the Cerebral Palsy Chair Aideen Blackborough via @CP_Sport in our #AskTheChair hour between 1-2pm.







Cerebral Palsy Sport announce partnership with CP TEENS UK

Cerebral Palsy Sport and CP Teens UK have announced a new partnership to get more people with cerebral palsy and physical disabilities into sport and physical activity.  In doing so we also helping to tackle the issue of social isolation that can often be experienced by people with cerebral palsy and to educate people that those with cerebral palsy can still play & participate and enjoy sport.

Cerebral Palsy Sport is the country’s leading National Disability Sports Charity supporting people with cerebral palsy to reach their sporting potential. Our vision is to support people with cerebral palsy to reach their life potential through sport and active recreation.

CP Teens UK aims to provide connections & friendships for teenagers & young people with Cerebral Palsy as well as provide help, support & advice for teenagers & young people with cerebral palsy, and their families.

Ali Talbot, CEO of Cerebral Palsy Sport said “We are extremely delighted that Cerebral Palsy Sport have developed another unique partnership with our work with CP Teens UK. We have seen first-hand through Ellie’s story how the work of our charity can make such an impact on the lives of young people with cerebral palsy and getting them into sport. We look forward to working with CP Teens UK to develop more opportunities for people with cerebral palsy to take up sport and have fun”.

Ellie Simpson, founder of CP Teens UK, said “I am absolutely delighted that CP Teens UK has formed a partnership with CP Sport. On a personal level, CP Sport is an organisation that has helped and supported me massively and it is extremely close to my heart. I am so excited for this partnership going forward and to ultimately get more people like myself into sport at whatever level they choose.”

Cerebral Palsy Sport is the largest national disability sports organisation supporting people with cerebral palsy reach their sporting potential.  Our vision is that everyone with physical disabilities are able to access a sport(s) of their choice. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people with physical impairments through the provision of appropriate sport and recreational activities.

For further information and images of sporting activities please contact or call 0115 925 7027

World Games        CP Teens

National Swimming Championships Results

Cerebral Palsy Sport hosted it 2015 National Swimming Championships at the University of Nottingham Swimming Pool on March 29th.

A great day of swimming competition took place and many smiles.

Medals were presented to our medallists by our swimming Sporting Ambassador, Matthew Walker MBE.

The Swimmer of the Year was awarded to James Brown.

The Andrew Stubbs Trophy was awarded to Maisie Burnand-Martin

A full copy of the results can be downloaded below:

National Swimming Championships 2015 Results

The results have also been posted on the British Swimming website so please click here

A big thank you to all the officials and volunteers who gave their time to support the event.