Association of Chartered Paediatric Physiotherapists – APCP

APCP       Cerebral Palsy Sport is working closely with APCP – one of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapist’s largest Professional Networks and continues to thrive with a membership of approximately 2,200 pediatric physiotherapists across the UK.

APCP’s aims are to provide a platform at share good practice, exchange ideas, facility CPD for physios, encourage research and development and to build and maintain links with organisations across the UK.

Cerebral Palsy Sport and APCP have developed a professional relationship to bridge the gap between sport, physical activity and therapy. This is happening by Cerebral Palsy Sport having direct contact with physio’s to promote local opportunities and gather information on where there is need and demand.

Representatives from APCP also sit on development groups for a range of our adapted sports ensuring that best practice, advice and guidance is available from the very early stages of each of the sports development. APCP were a key partner in the development of CP Sport’s resources; An ‘Introduction to RaceRunning’ and ‘Frame Football, a new way to play the beautiful game.’

This partnership is going from strength to strength and Cerebral Palsy Sport will be attending APCP’s annual conference for the 3rd year running in 2016 and both organisations will continue to work together to ensure the sport and activity provided is the best quality it can be for those with cerebral palsy.

“The Association of Paediatric Physiotherapists value the opportunity to work with Cerebral Palsy Sport. Our partnership has led to improved access for young people with disabilities to all aspect of sport and active recreation, and raised awareness of the opportunities available for our young people to our professional membership.”

Quote from APCP’s public relations officer.