CP Can Event Reports

RaceRunning Start Session, EIS, Sheffield June 2019

We finished off the month of June at the English Institute of Sport’s indoor track in Sheffield – a great facility. We were also lucky to have 2 of our Young Ambassadors attending the event – Ellie Simpson and Matthew Humphreys, as well as one of our new World Record holders – Rafi Solaiman. Everyone had a great time and were able to have a good run around on the RaceRunners alongside some of our elite athletes. Phil Fleetwood (UK Athletics Coach) was providing fantastic support as always. We even got the parents having a go. Thank you to Anna Hollis from the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust for helping us to organise the event. We look forward to returning to Sheffield in the near future.

RaceRunning Start Session, Dorothy Goodman School, Hinckley June 2019

We had the pleasure of delivering a RaceRunning Start session at Dorothy Goodman School and were able to get 14 students onto frames and running around the sportshall. We had amazing support from the staff and for the students it was the very first time they had seen a RaceRunner and had a go. We will definitely be returning to the school and providing another opportunity for everyone to have a go at this fantastic sport. Thank you to the support team of Phil Fleetwood (UK Athletics Coach), Paul from Quest 88 and Ellie, one of our interns from the University of Nottingham in working with us to deliver the session.

Birmingham Inclusive Sports Fest, University of Birmingham June 2019

We had a fantastic day in Birmingham being part of the Inclusive Sports Fest organised by Sport Birmingham. We were part of an event featuring a number of sports and activities delivering an opportunity for participants to have a go and try some new sports. It was a packed sports hall and there was a total of around 300 people registered for the event which made for a busy and interesting day. It was great to meet so many new people and introduce them to RaceRunning and CP Sport. Thank you to the event volunteers and Sport Birmingham for such a positive event and we look forward to delivering more sport in Birmingham in the future.

Parallel Primary Games, Saffron Lane, Leicester June 2019

For a second year in a row RaceRunning was included on the athletics programme for this annual School Games event for Primary schools in Leicester. Pupils were able to have a go at RaceRunning in between their track and field events and it gave us an opportunity for us to introduce the sport and the charity to schools in the local area. We were pleased to see pupils from the following schools take part on the day; Congerstone, Evington Valley, Stokeswood, St Bart’s, Buswell’s Lodge and Overdale.

RaceRunning Start Session, Macclesfield Wheelies Sport & Activities Club, Macclesfield June 2019

It was a great start to June with sunny weather and a great group of participants from the Macclesfield Wheelies trying RaceRunning for the first time last Saturday. Many had not heard of RaceRunning before and looked in disbelief when we told them they could get from their chair to the frame and then run! Everybody had a go and, after a few adjustments on the frame, it was great to see so many people get going on the track. The ages of our participants was 16 to 63 and some had not walked for years, so it was fantastic to see everyone have such a good time. Irene Wilde from the club said, “I couldn’t believe our members could do this, from hardly walking to going 3 times round the track”. Everyone received a certificate and medal on the day and we look forward to delivering more RaceRunning Start sessions in the North West. Thank you to Quest 88 for their invaluable support on the day and to all the participants and families for having a go.

RaceRunning Start Session, Upside Down Sports Club, Cambridge April 2019

On Saturday 6th April we travelled to Cambridge to deliver a RaceRunning taster session for the Upside Down Club Sports Club at the One Leisure Indoor Facility in St. Ives.  We had a great mixture of ages and abilities at the event with some who have tried RaceRunning and others who had never seen the sport before, everyone who attended was a wheelchair or frame user.  It was a fantastic session with everyone taking part and using a RaceRunner to move around the sportshall, siblings and parents also had a go, we even had a race across the sports hall with everyone joining in and running really well.  Quest 88 provided great support bringing along lots of frames and supporting all the participants and Rebecca Evans from Living Sport was our photographer.  This event was supported by Children in Need and every participant received a medal and certificate on the day.  Janie (organiser of the Upside Down Sports Club) said “Thank you for delivering a fab session for our members.  Great to see them up on their feet and moving.”  We will be looking to go back to Cambridge in the future delivering more to the Upside Down Sports Club, working with Living Sport and the local athletics club to develop RaceRunning locally.  Thank you to the Upside Down Sports Club, Living Sport, Quest 88 and all the participants for supporting such an enjoyable session.

Worcester CP Can event – March 2019

On March the 16th Cerebral Palsy Sport joined forces with Worcester Warriors Rugby in the Community to run a CP Can multi-Sport events. Participants attending the day took part in Table Cricket, Athletics, RaceRunning, and Rugby. All activities were delivered by Cerebral Palsy Staff and the community coaches at Worcester Warriors. 6 participants took part, with family members and siblings also getting involved. Two local physiotherapist attended the sessions and were pleased to see disability activities taking place in Worcester. A quest lecturer from Japan, working at the University of Worcester also attended and was amazed by RaceRunning and how fantastic the children participating were once using the frame. Quotes from participants attended included:

“Good Fun”

#Wheely cool 🙂

Great Fun Day!

Fantastic inclusive event

It was great to try activities in one venue – rugby, table cricket and RaceRunners

RaceRunning Start Session – Walthamstow – February 2019

On Tuesday 19 Feb 2019 a RaceRunning Start event took place at Walthamstow Feel Good Centre. The event in partnership with Access Sport who support the local RaceRunning club. The club run weekly sessions and want more people with CP to be able to access RaceRunning. The event was supported by Phil Fleetwood from English Athletics who was there to providing coaching and advice to participants and their families.  Six children and young people attended the event with siblings and parents also taking part.  A 14 year old girls who attended with her parents and tried RaceRunning for the first time have stated that they will start attending the weekly sessions at the club.

RaceRunning Start Session – Bath – February 2019

On Thursday 21 Feb 2019 a RaceRunning Start event took place at Culvehay Leisure Centre, Bath in partnership with Nova Sports & Coaching and again supported by Phil Fleetwood from English Athletics.  Quest 88 also supported the event providing advice and guidance on RaceRunning frames.  Six participants attended the event with families encouraged to attend and siblings were included in all actives.  There were two people new to the sport and they absolutely loved it – their parents commented that they hadn’t seen them smile like that for ages!  The club now has funding to buy RaceRunners and are looking to deliver regular sessions both indoors and outdoors.  Two local physiotherapists also attended and they commented on the need to get others seeing this sport, “it does the children so much good”.