Its Okay To Play!

Cerebral Palsy Sport’s aim is to raise aspirations, promote inclusion and support people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to play, participate and enjoy sport and active recreation. Through our ‘Its Ok to Play Project’, we want to be able to make it easier for people with Cerebral Palsy and associated physical impairments to access sport and activities, as their siblings and peers do, in school and in the community.

To do this, we will be creating two resources. One for families and the second for education sector and health professionals who work with young people and adults with physical disabilities. The resources will contain key information, helpful ideas and games that will allow for both audiences to support someone with a physical disability to access sport and activity that will result in them leading a happier, healthier life.

The project will ensure that within school people with a physical disability
are able to take part in PE and extracurricular activity the same way their peers do. The resources will provide teachers and those that lead PE with the tools to be able to run fully inclusive sessions and activities breaking down barriers and perceptions.

The family resource will provide family members with hints and tips on how to be active at home with their family members who have a
physical disability. It will provide the confidence to ‘play’ within the home setting, go into the local community and access green spaces and parks and ultimately encourage the family to be active together.
The project will allow more people with a physical disability to fulfil their potential as they will be happier, healthier and more confident and feel a part of their community.

The ‘Its Okay to Play’ project is only possible because of funding received through the National Lottery Community Fund.