CP Sport National CP Football League

The National CP Adult Football League 2018/19 season kicked off on the 27th October with a National Fixture at the University of Nottingham.

The 2018/19 league consists of:

  • North East and Yorkshire Disability Football Club
  • CP North West
  • Derby County Community Trust CP
  • South West CP
  • Chelsea CP
  • Disability 4 Sport
  • Brighton Hove and Albion

The national league will see the teams play each other twice throughout the season with monthly fixtures taking place regional and nationally. The season will be split with the National CP Championships taking place on the 23rd February. Here guest teams can enter and compete on the day.

Once the league has ended the winner of the league will face the highest finishing league team in the National Cup at the FA Disability Cup Final on the weekend of the 14th & 15th June 2019.

The rules of the 2018/19 league are: L2 – 18-19 – Laws of the Game

If you are interested in entering the National Cup in Feb 2019 or the 2019/2020 league please contact Richard.kerr@cpsport.org


The 2017/18 National CP Adult Football League started with a National Championship event in Nottingham on Saturday 30th November 2017.

The league is split into a Northern conference and Southern conference where teams play in regional fixtures between October 17 – April 18.

To view the league table click here League Table CP National Adult League

The winners of each conference will then compete in the FA’s disability Cup final on Saturday 16th June at Ste Georges Park.

If you are part of a CP Football team (16+) and would like enter into the National League please contact Richard.kerr@cpsport.org




Previous FA CP Adult Centre of Excellence Squads have been actively supported to become grass-roots clubs in their own right, or encouraged to join an existing Charter Standard Club; playing within a new league coordinated by CP Sport.

The CP Sport National CP Football League consists of a North Conference and a South Conference, taking part in regional central venue fixtures throughout the year. They will then come together for the end of year National Cup.

Initially supported by the FA for the 2015/16 season, CP Sport hope to establish a national league providing high quality opportunity for all.

The 2017 finals took place at the David Ross Sports Village in Nottingham, where CP United were crowned with the title.

2017-05-20 16.07.30

2016/17 teams: 

Chelsea Whites

Copmanthorpe FC

Albion in the Community

Riverside CP FC

CP United Seniors

Chelsea Blues


South West CP.


League constitution: L1 – 17-18 – League Constitution

Laws of the Game: L2 – 17-18 – Laws of the Game

Competition Regulations: L3 – 17-18 – Competition Regulations

Please contact Lisa Morton-Smith for more details: Lisa.Morton-Smith@cpsport.org

Follow on twitter: @league_cp