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Boccia England is the newly established governing body for the sport. The game of Boccia (pronounced ‘Bot-cha’) was originally designed for people with severe cerebral palsy but is now enjoyed by players from many sectors of the community. In 1984 it became a Paralympic sport, and is being practiced in over 50 countries worldwide, from a purely recreational level to a variety of competitive events.

Boccia is a non–contact driven sport which relies upon skill and subtlety of the player rather than their size, speed and strength. A ball can be propelled by rolling, throwing or kicking. If a player is unable to throw or kick it, they can use a ‘ramp’ (assistive device). If they are unable to release the ball with their hands players can use a head pointer.

The performance pathway for Boccia leading to the Paralympics remains purely for those with severe impairment, with two of the four classification groups solely for players with cerebral palsy.

Boccia England can provide information on boccia, including rules of the game, education courses, equipment, classification, clubs and competitions you can get involved in.

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To find out more visit the Boccia England website or contact the Boccia England Office:

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