RaceRunning Competitions

RaceRunning Competition Pathways

There is a number of competition opportunities for RaceRunners to take part in competitive events. Events range from 40m to 3000m. Competitors are classified based on their disability and race against other competitors in their class.

Cerebral Palsy Sport’s Athletics Series provides a season long series of events in which RaceRunning is included. More details of the series can be found here.

Annually in Denmark, there is an International RaceRuning Camp and competition held in Frediksberg. In 2016 CPISRA linked to this event as a European Championships and in 2016 9 medals came home from the European championship of which 6 were gold.

In 2017 we had many RaceRunners taking part and 8 competing international representing England at the World Championships in Denmark.

In October 2017 the Interational Paralympic Committee announced the inclusion of RaceRunning into the World Para Athletics programme as an event discipline.

2017-09-23 10.24.41  Denmark 2017

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