Cerebral Palsy Sport offer a range of opportunities for swimmers with cerebral palsy from introductory sessions for new swimmers through to specialist coaching and competitive galas, tailored awareness and education courses.

Capture swimming

Programmes provide tailored events and development pathways for swimmers of all abilities. We also work closely with other delivery agencies to ensure good quality provision exists locally for everyone to enjoy.

Click here for details of the 2019 swimming dates.

Click here for details of the 2020 swimming dates.

CP Sport Resources including our SwimStart DVD, our online CPD course and information resources can be found here: CP Sport Resources 

Benefits of Swimming

There are many benefits to swimming and here are just some of the reasons swimming is great for everyone:

  • Knowing how to swim can save lives
  • It is a non-impact sport meaning less force on joints
  • Improves endurance, muscular strength and cardio fitness
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • All-over body workout
  • Helps keep your heart, weight and lungs healthy
  • Improves flexibility, coordination, balance and posture
  • Great way to make new friends
  • And many many more!