Unity Lottery

Want to participate in a Lottery and raise funds for us?

Unity is a revolutionary fundraising lottery scheme, administered entirely by Sterling and a fundraising partner of Cerebral Palsy Sport.

It’s a fundraising lottery platform for all to share, anyone to play, and Cerebral Palsy Sport benefits from.

Playing is simple:

Players pay just £1 per week for a unique six-digit lottery number. You can buy as many lottery numbers as they like, for a greater chance to win.

Numbers are entered into a weekly draw, with various prizes including a £25,000 jackpot!

Unity send cheques directly to the winners every week.

Here is what you could win:

6 digits in the correct place wins – £25,000

5 digits in the correct place wins – £1,000

4 digits in the correct place wins – £25

3 digits in the correct place wins – 5 entries into the next draw

Paying is simple: To make life easier for our players, Unity allow you to enter by paying manageable amounts in a way that suits them. We accept payments by direct debit, card or cheque as follows:

Per lottery number
Monthly £4.34
Three-monthly £13.00
Six-monthly £26.00
Annually £52.00

There are two ways to sign up to take part in the Unity Lottery and help make a difference to people with cerebral palsy accessing sport.

Our Unity Lottery charity page can be found here:

  • Sign up to a direct debit for your lottery. You can click here for the sign up link

Help to make a difference!

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