Life Membership

Life Membership

Commencing from December 2016, Life membership will be available to any individual who has been a full Cerebral Palsy Sport member for 15 consecutive years (starting earliest December 2016).

At the end of 15 consecutive years as a full member, we will invite you to apply for Life membership at a one off fee of three times your full annual membership cost at that date of application.

Once this one off payment has been received, Life members will enjoy full membership benefits at no further cost.

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Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Membership is awarded by the Board of Trustees to individuals who have contributed to the development of Cerebral Palsy Sport over the years and have made a valuable and significant contribution to the charity.

We are delighted that our honorary members are:


Mrs Jill Stidever MBE


Mr Bob Fisher


John Stancer

Professor John Stancer

Former chairman of CP Sport