I have always tried to help out where I have had the time and skills. I first got into sports event volunteering with the London 2012 Olympic Games – the opportunity to contribute to the only Olympics I will see in my own country was too good to miss. The best thing about volunteering is knowing that my skills are valued and that I can make a difference to the event, competitors, other volunteers and spectators. I also volunteer in the Cerebral Palsy Sport office once a month helping with administrative duties.

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I have been fortunate to volunteer at some big sporting events, London 2012 Olympics, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Nottingham 2015 CPISRA World Games (Team Host Brazil), Birmingham 2016 Yonex All England Badminton, Nottingham 2016 International Tennis events. And most recently, Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

There were many great moments for me at Rio 2016. I was based in the athletics stadium and on the technology team as a scoreboard operator. It was fantastic being able to see the Great British athletes competing and the medal ceremonies. Seeing David Henson (GB captain of Invictus Games) win Bronze was a great moment.

Last year at the CPISRA World Games in Nottingham, I was team host for Brazil, meeting them at the airport and getting to know the team, including Brazils Football Team Manager for the Games, Felipe Jacovazzo. I had promised Felipe back then that I would see him in Rio and by co-coincidence we found we were sat together at the Deodoro Stadium for the opening GB v Brazil football match! Overall it was a wonderful event and one of my favourite parts was seeing how all the UK volunteers supported each other.