Cerebral Palsy Sport Safeguarding

Cerebral Palsy Sport has robust safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure the safeguarding of children and adults who attend our events and activities.

Cerebral Palsy Sport Safeguarding Statement

Cerebral Palsy Sport has the responsibility for creating a safe, fun and inclusive environment for everyone to participate in Cerebral Palsy Sport events. I am therefore delighted to present our Safeguarding Policy.

As a national disability sports organisation, Cerebral Palsy Sport has a moral and legal obligation to ensure that the highest possible standard of care is provided for everyone involved in the sport. Therefore, through the development, communication and implementation of the policy we aim to maintain and increase the professionalism and safeguards of good practice that have been set as standard throughout our sporting landscape.

In accordance with national legislation and guidance, we have created a policy that promotes welfare, equal opportunities and safeguarding regardless of whether you are a participant, coach, volunteer or spectator. In addition, we have actively highlighted throughout the policy, that it is the responsibility of everyone within Cerebral Palsy Sport to highlight areas of abuse and/or poor practice and to act in response to any concerns.

This policy has been developed by drawing on recognised good practice in safeguarding in sport.  Reference has been made to relevant legislation, key guidance and government policy

By developing policies and procedures such as this policy, Cerebral Palsy Sport is demonstrating its commitment to establishing an environment where all participants in our sport can be supported to achieve these outcomes.

Peter Savage – Interim Chair

For a full copy of our Safeguarding Policies- please see below:

CPS019 CP Sport Childrens Safeguarding Policy June 2019

CPS019a CP Sport Safeguarding Adults Policy June 2019



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