Impact of regular sport

It is well recognised that sport provides many benefits socially, physically and mentally and in March 2021 CP Sport is highlighting the impact sport can have on an individual’s day to day activity as well. 

A number of members, ambassadors and athletes with cp have shared their personal experiences saying that regular exercise and developing strength can have a variety of effects for them, which include improved handwriting, reduced spasms, or helping them sit up unaided. Some said that lockdown and a drop off in regular activity has in some cases made their cp ‘worse’. CP Sport will showcase these personal insights throughout the month on social media.  

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Image of Tegan Vincent-Cooke horse-riding
Image of Inclusfit coach Sam James
Image of Ellie Simpson on RaceRunner
Image of CP Athlete
Image of James Shaw playing Wheelchair Tennis
Image of CP Athlete on a RaceRunner