Catriona – Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Here are some of my ways to keep your mental health in check during lock down.

Find a routine

A daily routine can help you feel it’s a normal day despite all the noise that is going on around the world.

You might work best in in the mornings and use that to do work or school and course work.

Set some break times during your day to relax and do something you enjoy, maybe half an hour reading, watching some TV or a workout maybe.

In the evening you might want to have your own time away from work and spend time with family playing games.

Having a set routine will make the day feel more natural than thinking there is nothing to do. 

Get outside

Go outside and play in the garden if you can, its a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the natural surroundings and think of things you are grateful for. There are many things you can grateful for especially all the simple things – writing down a list is a good idea and when having a bad day get the list out and remind yourself how lucky and what you are grateful for.

Try something new

Trying new activities that you have not got round to doing is a good idea such as painting, drawing, or anything to create your own space and escapism, eg listening to music that you can relate to and the lyrics. 

Stay connected

Stay in contact with the friends and family that are most important to you by Whats app video, facetime, or messenger call . Being in contact with the people you care about really shows each other that you are still there even if its not physically yet. If you’re in a community group talk to your community group or see them.

Helping others

You might also offer up help around your neighbourhood if you can, either getting the shopping or just giving someone a phone call. Acknowledging a neighbour might make their day and feel less alone. 

Speak out if you need help

Speak to someone in your family or a friend you trust or a counsellor if you are struggling with anything that is making you feel down. They will listen to you and try and see your perspective on things. Together you could set mini goals for each day to help you feel better and repeat them until you gain your confidence. Gradually the emotion of how you feel will no longer weigh you down.


Catriona Chung is a Young Sporting Ambassador for CP Sport. Read more here

Support networks

Active Partnerships: Working with community organisations like food banks, housing associations, coronavirus support groups to provide equipment and creative ideas to encourage everyone to get active and keep moving. Click here
Mencap: Find useful information relating to coronavirus particularly for those with a learning disability. Click here

NHS Every Mind Matters: Expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing. Click here
Anxiety UK: Click here
CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably): Click here
Samaritans: Click here
Childline: Click here
Cruse Bereavement: click here