Daniel – MyStory

My name is Daniel Stubbings. I am from Sedgefield in County Durham. I have had Cerebral Palsy since birth.  From the age of four I have had a fascination with sport, and because of this I have played and taken part in as many sports as possible from football to wheelchair rugby. I will give anything a try once when it comes to sport as you never know what you might enjoy.

Daniel StubbingsI am a graduate of BSC Hons in Sports Coaching from Leeds Beckett University. Something which I am extremely proud of, as I am the first person with a physical disability to graduate from that specific course at the university in 2010. This has given me a desire and drive to see more people with my disability become coaches. As we have so much to teach people about the barriers we face but also be role models to youngsters with cerebral palsy who don’t see coaching as a career path and coaching is something I love doing.

In 2012 I had the honour of been one of the people to carry the Olympic torch it is my greatest achievement to date and a day I will never forget.

After graduating university I had a number of different and interesting job roles, from inclusion participation coordinator to my current role as a community sports activator for a local authority in the North East.  Which I greatly enjoyed as it allows me to challenge, educate, and improve disability sports provision within the area. An example of this is the annual disability football I have been able to develop, and last year had 400 disabled participants involved which gives me a whole smile because I am helping make positive changes for people like me.

My advice to anyone with Cerebral Palsy is this- Your disability is only one part of you be proud of it. It’s what makes you unique. Enjoy every moment and remember this the only person stopping you taking part is yourself. So get out there and jump in.