Jasmine – My Story

About me:

My name is Jasmine, I have Ataxic CP, Autism, severe anxiety and I used to get seizures.

Where it all began:

When I was little, I did not like leaving the house or mixing with people as it caused me high levels of anxiety. The only place I could relax was in a swimming pool, the water used to relax me and make me feel safe. I couldn’t cope with swimming lessons so was advised to join a disability swimming club, where I eventually learned my strokes. I did my first disability competition at the age of 5, where I won gold in the 9m backstroke. Backstroke has always been my favourite stroke and last year at the CPISRA World Games in Sant Cugat I got a Bronze medal for Team CP England in the 100m Backstroke. I also regularly complete in the Cerebral Palsy Sport Development Galas and National Championships.

My ambitions in sport:

To keep improving and make a qualifying time for the British International meet, which is part of the world-series and hopefully make qualifying times for the next CPISRA World Games.

Training: I train 5 times a week at COMAST with my coach Matt Walker and his amazing team.

The Impact on my life: Through swimming, I have made lots of friends with similar issues. I have improved in confidence and my body has got a lot stronger

My Advice: Keep trying with coaches and clubs until you find the right fit don’t let anxiety stop you. It’s not about what you can’t do it’s about what you can do.