Jenson – My Story

About Jenson:

Jenson is 5 years old and he has spastic diplegic CP. He had SDR a year ago and although now walking unaided still uses a walker when running around or walking long distances. He has a twin brother and he loves making things and gardening and wants to be a tree surgeon when he is older.

Where it all began:

Jenson has always loved sports, if it involves a ball then he wants to do it. If he can persuade someone to throw and catch with him or kick a football back and forth he will just keep doing it for hours. He never gets bored or tired first! He also loves swimming and spends as much time under the water as above it.


Jenson plays football with Summertown Stars in Oxford which is just a fantastic team. He plays with other children with CP some ambulatory and some in frames. The sessions are so well organised that this works incredibly well. The coaches are fantastic and in the early days Jenson was a little nervous at the beginning of a session but they were great at getting him confident and involved. He just loves the training sessions and hardly stops for a second. His confidence has just come on in leaps and bounds since playing for Summertown Stars.

The impact sport has had:

Sport has helped Jenson’s confidence and he gets a huge sense of achievement from it. He loves all the kit especially his football shirt. It is also a really easy way to sneak in physio. Keeping Jenson active supports his rehab post SDR

Ambitions in sport:

‘To get a winners medal’

Jenson’s advice to others with cp who might want to try sport:

‘I would ask them if they would like to come and play with me’