Levi – My Story

About me:

My name is Levi, I am 15 years old. I am from Leicestershire, England and I am an outgoing, determined and ambitious individual who is always looking for a challenge in any situation. I was born with cerebral palsy, which effects my movement on my left side, however, this would not affect me from being like anyone else, if anything it made me want to compete with able bodied swimmers and beat them.

Where it all began:

When I was just 6 years old, I was at a swimming pool and I was told I was never going to be able to swim because of my disability and this really was going to affect my lifestyle. So we went to this incredible woman called Jill Stidiver who had trained over 20 Paralympians and the first day we came to her she said ‘he’s going to be a Paralympian one day’ and she has been a massive part of my swimming career today without her I would me where I am today. I have now been competitively swimming for the past 8 years now and it has been the best 8 years of my life.   


Currently I am at Coalville Swimming Club training 5 sessions + 1 gym session a week I train at various pools and facilities across my county  


For the past 8 years I have been decreasing my times dramatically to the point where I am almost on team GB. I have recently been selected to be on the GB academy squad which is one of British swimming’s pathways to get selected for team GB. I have taken part in club, county, midland, national and international competition and I wish to take part in further competition (Paralympics)    

The impact sport has had on my life:

Sport has had a massive impact on my life and gave me masses of opportunities which I wouldn’t of dreamed of from going to the cp world games and being a boy who was never going to swim again to training and almost being on team GB at 15 it has also had a massive positive impact and improvement on my cerebral palsy it has made me the person I am today which I’m surprisingly proud of.

My ambitions in sport:

My ambitions in sport are to go as far as I desire, I want to be able to compete at the European, world and Paralympic stages this will be a long process which I’m willing to take and hopefully take me on to bigger and better things and make impossible possible. 

My advice to others with cp who might want to try sport:

Honestly just go for it, it gives you endless opportunities possibilities which you couldn’t of imagined with cp, it keeps you active and motivated to keep pushing your boundaries. It will improve you mentally and physically and the best thing is you can go as far as you desire.