Lucas – My Story

About me

My name is Lucas –  I am 12 years old and from Huddersfield.  I have spastic Cerebral Palsy, which affects both of my legs and a degree of low tone in my trunk.  I use a Kaye walker and wheelchair to get around and use my Quad sticks at home.

I love all aspects of taking part in sports.  I play wheelchair tennis twice a week, wheelchair racing once a week, and play Frame Football fortnightly.

How it all began

I was introduced to Wheelchair Tennis by my Wheelchair club and I haven’t looked back since.  I am part of a Junior Wheelchair tennis group and regularly attend competitions.


My first competition was at the 2017 British Open and I also took part in the 2018 competition and won the runners up doubles event with my doubles partner Joshua.  I have won runners up medals in some competitions and was also picked to represent England in the School Games in 2018 in Loughborough, despite being only 11 at the time!


I have won Disabled Athlete of the Year in 2016 for Kirklees in Huddersfield.  The Yorkshire Children of Courage Award in 2016 for Sporting Achievement and I have just won a Highly Commended Award at the Leeds Sports Awards, where I train for my wheelchair tennis and racing and I also train at Longley tennis centre once a week.


I would like to inspire other disabled children to take part in sports, it is fun and a brilliant way to do fun physio and also to make  friends! My ambition is to be the best that I can be and would love to progress with my tennis and get to play in the Paralympics!