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My name is Mia Thorne I am 11 years old, from Wales. I have congenital hemiplegia, a form of cerebral palsy that effects the whole right side of my body, and both legs.

HavinIce Skatingg this type of CP effects my balance and co-ordination as well as a few other things, and I have to use a wheelchair sometimes when I get tired. I first liked figure skating/ice hockey after watching ice skaters at a charity event at IAW (Ice Arena Wales). I came up with an idea to do an ice skating challenge, to learn to ice skate for the next All Stars Ice Hockey Event in order to raise money for the Dreams Come True Children’s Charity. I had to ask the doctor in the hospital if I could do it, and they said no at first. But, I insisted and said I really wanted to do it, and understand how it would affect me.


I had 1-2-1 lessoMia Catching her balancens with a coach to help me learn to stand up, it was hard to balance on the skates and even harder on the ice. I had to learn to walk on the ice and had quite a few falls at first. After I got off the ice my legs would hurt and were wobbly, so I had to sit down the next day too.

I didn’t give up though, and slowly my legs started to get stronger and the falls less often. I didn’t give up because I wanted to try my best and was raising money to help others. I often felt I was bad at skating because I couldn’t do what other people were doing, even though I was trying twice as hard, I often got upset but I still refused to give up.

When I am on the ice it makes me feel so happy, I enjoy skating, and it doesn’t hurt my legs when I am on the ice, the temperature means that they don’t swell as much. After months of training, I completed my challenge in July 2017.

Mia - 121 coachingAfter the challenge, I continued skating because I wanted to learn more because skating is something I can do without the help of somebody else the whole time and because it’s really fun. My physio said the top of my legs are getting very strong, and the muscles in my stomach, this has helped me with my balance.

Sometimes I get upset if I’m hurting or other people are going faster, doing tricks or stop fast in-front of me because I can’t and I’m worried I might fall. But I get over it and remember how far I have come, and how I am using my wheelchair less. If I ever forget this, I look back at photos and videos from last year and these help me remember.

I took part in a winter gala, where I dressed up as a lion, I loved it and loved being part of a team. I have also competed in an able body competition, in which I had to spin, do a drag and a bunny hop. I always find the drag hard as I it makes my legs tired, and I lose my balance a bit. I didn’t feel any different to anyone else in the competition, I didn’t feel different or disabled in it and I think I did very well. I came 6th out of 14 and received a medal and certificate.

One thing I can do now, which I never thought I would ever do, is balance on one leg, and jump without losing my balance.

Ice Skating makes me feel normal, and free on the ice, it allows me to forget about things and focus on what I need to do, and it’s something not all my friends can do. I enjoy showing them and helping them for a change. It’s a great sport, it has made me stronger, it won’t get rid of my CP but will help me deal with the weakness and balance.

If someone who had CP wanted to try ice skating, I would tell them to go for it!!!!!!!. It’s hard work but it is all worth it..  Trust me..

Mias Story