Oliver – My Story

I wanted to mention my wonderful son Oliver who is 11 years old and has a hemiplegia. Despite living in a rural area where there are few opportunities for him to participate in sports locally (Stainton village near Penrith, Cumbria).

Oliver Kolek

Oliver has attended the local Penrith Swimming Club for 6 years now, competing with children without regard to ability, and mostly finishing in last place! But always with a smile on his cheeky face. He had the privilage and opportunity to represent the North West Division at the English Schools Swimming Championships in Sheffield (a 284 miles round trip) picking up two bronze medals in the relays.

Oliver also loves football but now finds it hard to compete with boys his own age, but in 2017 we discovered CP United FC (www.cpunited.co.uk) based at Partington, near Manchester. The coaches there are superb and I wasn’t surprised to learn that they received national recognition from the FA. To be a part of this club, Oliver regularly completes a 190 miles round trip every alternate weekend.
Oliver Kolek

Oliver has never complained about the travel and loves his sport. I am very proud of him for overcoming two potential hurdles: his hemiplegia and distance!