Tyrone – My Story

About Tyrone

“My son Tyrone is now 26 years old, his medical conditions consist of right sided Hemipleagia, Epilepsy, Right dysplastic kidney (absent left kidney),  Complete Agenisis of the Corpus Callosum, Learning Disability and speech & language delay.  Despite these health issues Tyrone competes every year in the Discus, Shot Put and Javelin, is a member of Birchfield Harriers Athletics Club where he trains on Monday’s and Wednesday’s with his coach Lyn Orbell who has really shown him what he can achieve with hard work and has helped him immensely with his confidence!  he also trains at his local Gym once per week and also enjoys Judo, Basketball and Badminton and enjoys every bit of it!!”

Where it all began

“Tyrone got into sport when he was around 15 years old, he attended a “Movers & Shakers” club at the local disabled school where he attended for his physio appointments, they had an open sports day which he took part in and the P.E teacher commented on well he could throw the shot put and how strong his left arm was. He was part of the schools team which took part in a DSE event at the Alexander Stadium and was the only one from the group who qualified to compete in Blackpool he did really well and came home with a gold medal.  He decided that this is what he wanted to do so we found a coach in Stafford, David Crutchley who we travelled to once a week from Birmingham! Tyrone tried out the discus but wasn’t very keen, he felt it difficult to control, he then began competing around the country which then led to him obtaining his F37 classification in Loughborough.”


“His journey into serious athletics began in 2010, his first International competition with CP Sport, which took him to Dublin in Ireland in 2011, 2012 and 2013 where he competed in the Shot put, Discus and Javelin yes you heard right Discus and Javelin!!  He came away with Gold, Silver and Bronze in all events. During this time he has competed all over the country picking up an array of Medals and because of his results on the Power of 10 during the 2013 athletic series he was given the chance to be a part of  The British Athletics Parallel Academy he was so proud of himself and rightly so as he has constantly worked hard and always gives 100%.  It doesn’t end there, in 2014 he was selected (based on his sporting achievements and results on the Power of 10) to be a part of Team England for the CPISRA World Games which was held in Nottingham in 2015. What an experience that was, he came away with a Gold Medal in the Javelin and went on to compete in the shot put which was said to be the tightest fought competition in the 2015 world games and he won the Silver Medal! Later in 2015 he won the 2015 Disability Award for his club Birchfield Harriers what a night that was. He continued competing across the country and picking up medals along the way and in 2017 found out he was selected to compete for Team England in the CPISRA World Games in Barcelona August 2018 it was a disappointing start for him but managed to pull himself up and won Bronze in the Javelin it was a success! In September he was awarded the Senior Male Athletic Winner 2018 in the Cerebral Palsy Sport Series it was a great way for him to end the season.”




Whats next

“Winter training began in October so he is back to training hard and getting ready for his first competition which will be held at the Alexander Stadium Birmingham 5-6 January 2019 – he will be competing in the Shot Put, Discus and Javelin.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article about my boy, I hope this can inspire anyone into taking up athletics and especially for them to see what can be achieved.”

Yvonne Williams