Chris Smith – My Physio Story

Hi I’m Chris and I have been a physiotherapist for 14 years, working with children for most of that time.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a range of settings including children’s intensive care (PICU), orthopaedic wards, musculoskeletal outpatients (injuries  as well as in the community looking after children with disabilities).

Over the last 8 years I’ve been working in private practice at Kids Physio Works in Essex.   Alongside my clinical work I work with the APCP (Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists) in various roles to spread good practice and help get more children accessing fun sports and activities.

Chris Smith


I first became interested in Physiotherapy when my grandmother had a hip replacement during my school holidays. When I went to visit her I would see the work the physio did and help her with her exercises.   I saw how good physiotherapy really could get people on their feet again.   My passion for working with children didn’t start until I had a placement at university working with children with cerebral palsy, I knew then that I had really found my niche and found it such a privilege to able to help the children reach their potential.

Sport and Physiotherapy go well together and its evidence based.  We know that if an activity is fun and engaging  and we practice then we will improve our ability.  So as a physiotherapist by linking in with sport/activity based charities we can direct our families to sports which enhance our therapy program.  This means more practice, more variation and more fun! Something else which also helps our body and brain learn movement.

I would say try as many different sports as you can. There is something for everyone regardless of your ability.  Plus its not just about the physical benefits, which are huge by the way.  Sport has a lot to offer in making new friends, enjoying new experiences and seeing new places.  It can also teach you valuable life skills like being part of a team and learning respect regardless of win or loss.

If you are interested please speak to your physiotherapist or contact the APCP and we can direct you to some local information.