Previous feedback


Diane, parent and coach at the Training Camp, Nottingham 8th October 2017 

Thank you so much for organising the day. At first, I must admit, I was a bit concerned as to whether I should have brought Tomos to it but my fears soon disappeared. There was something for everyone. You and all the staff/volunteers were so patient and kind.  

Every session was interesting and useful and ended still leaving us wanting to learn more, which is a good thing. Both Tomos and I gained very much from the day. I intend to do some of the physio exercises with Tomos at home as well as the exercises set by our local Physiotherapists. The Paralympians were inspiring. Their honesty and forthrightness as they spoke of their journey, their struggles and the immeasurable benefits they had gained from sport – not only physically but also psychologically and emotionally – brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know if they will ever realise the impact they have on those who listen to them. 

 Tomos had his weekly swimming lesson yesterday and you will be pleased to hear that his teachers were absolutely delighted with the way he was working. They couldn’t believe the transformation! They said he was “a superstar!” He was focused, he worked hard  and even dived from the board eventually! They were particularly “over the moon” with this “as he has been trying for months.

 The possibilities for networking were also valuable.

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Jane-Anne Mesher, parent at the South Wales Development Gala, Merthyr Tydfil 15th April 2017

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the organising of this gala. Anwen really enjoyed herself and it was a great experience for her. Our whole family came to watch and it was great to see so many children participating and enjoying themselves.

Abby Morrison, parent at the South Wales Development Gala, Merthyr Tydfil 15th April 2017

Meggie really enjoyed the development gala in Merthyr on Saturday, as did we. We thought it was very well organised and there was a lovely, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. It was great to see all ages and abilities have a chance to compete on a level playing field, and Meggie has had a huge confidence boost from her experience. We look forward to taking part in the future and thank you to all those involved in organising the event,

South Wales
Anne, parent at the National Swimming Championships, Nottingham 26th March 2017

I just wanted to thank you and your team for a great championships on Sunday. Josh and I both enjoyed it – it is always relaxed and the way medals are given out  in age groups is very inclusive.



Dave, Parent at the Winchester Swimming Development Gala Saturday 28th January 2017

Thank you to you and the entire team involved in organising and running the event. The venue was great, well located and all the helpers were friendly and helpful. The  event was well organised and communicated, we thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and watching all of the outstanding and inspirational competitors compete and revel in their well earned achievements. Our son Noah had a brilliant time and is looking forward to joining in again at another event. All of his friends, family, school and support network have seen his medal and heard of his achievements and about the day. His success has fed his desire to achieve even more in the swimming pool… expect to see him registering for the 25m events next year!

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Fateen Hussain, Parent at the Winchester Swimming Development Gala Saturday 28th January 2017

Thank you for organising such a wonderful event. Adam and his peers from Sportsable thoroughly enjoyed the event. It is so good to be able to participate in such events when there are many barriers in mainstream sports. The event was organised with plenty of volunteers on hand and everyone knew what they were doing.


Eloise, James and Tiernan, Family at the Winchester Swimming Development Gala Saturday 28th January 2017

Thanks for a great introduction to swimming galas.  We all had an amazing time!  We knew it would be an exciting day, but hadn’t realised just how exciting!  Looking forward to the next gala!

 Grace and Tiernan





Helen, Parent at the Winchester Swimming Development Gala Saturday 28th January 2017

It was a FANTASTIC event- huge thank you for organising.  Jacob took his medals into school and enjoyed telling his extended family about his achievements.  It was an extremely friendly and inspiring event- and Jacob enjoyed chatting to other swimmers.  There was a lot of fist pumping going on!!!

 Jacob works really hard at his (brilliant) local club.  His progress is very hard earned- so to get such a boost from the event- encourages him greatly to continue. Thank you so much for that.


Anne, Parent at the Winchester Swimming Development Gala Saturday 28th January 2017

Matthew and I want to thank you….we really enjoyed the Winchester Gala. Matt was very proud of himself. The event was well organised and supportive to the swimmers who all did so well.


Melanie Arazi, BSc Hons MCSP HCPC APCP, Paediatric Physiotherapist, Winchester Swimming Development Gala Saturday 28th January 2017

Just wanted to say thank you for an absolutely brilliant swim event yesterday.  The organisation was superb and my little patient had a great first swimming gala experience.


 Dave, Parent at the Winchester Swimming Development Gala Saturday 28th January 2017

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for a wonderful event on Saturday. The staff were so friendly and all the kids were brilliant, it was a joy to be part of the day and a fantastically positive experience for Libby.


The Mayor of Eastleigh, guest at the Winchester Development Gala 28th January 2017


“The Mayoress and myself were delighted to be invited to the swimming gala at Winchester on Saturday.
As you know Cerebral Palsy Sport is one of the three charities that I have chosen to support during my year as Mayor of Eastleigh.
My wife and I are both big fans of David Smith MBE. He being an Eastleigh lad and our only gold medalist at Rio last year. It was meeting David that focused my attention on Cerebral Palsy and it was David Bennett who introduced me to Cerebral Palsy Sport.
Our admiration for the competitors was overwhelming. Their refusal to be defined by their condition and their determination to be the best that they could be was truly humbling.
Be assured that we will continue to support you and raise the profile of Cerebral Palsy Sport even after our year is completed. Thank you so much for what you do and a very big THANK YOU again to all the volunteers who worked to make the day so special.”
Ellie Simpson, Cerebral Palsy Sport Young Ambassador and CP Teens founder, Adapted Sports Taster Day 28th January, EIS Sheffield


“Saturday was such a great day for lots of young people with Cerebral Palsy/physical disabilities to have a go at RaceRunning and Frame Football. It had a wonderful turnout and I really enjoyed going with my own RaceRunner and leading some of the activities to the children and young people who were trying RaceRunning for the first time. I also got to have a go at Frame Football myself, which was really funny as I wasn’t really very good at it but I had fun! Overall it was a very successful day for both CP Sport and CP Teens UK!”


Kathryn, parent at Manchester development gala December 2016, on her daughter’s participation

“ Just wanted to first day thank you so much for Saturday … Natasha has turned a corner and been on top form ever since. She is asking to go next week also! A big change from when she arrived on Saturday feeling so nervous..She certainly has her mojo back! 

 I can’t quite believe how one gala has transformed her from giving up to ambition!”


Lorraine, Parent at Sussex SplashStart November 2016, on her son’s participation

“ I wanted to say thank you from both me and Harry for Saturday’s session. It was great to get some practical tips and particularly to get an insight from Zoe about what works well for her – please do pass on my thanks for answering all my questions and encouraging Harry out of his armbands!”


 Claire Steel, Parent at Jersey Frame Football KickStart October 2016, on her daughters experience at the event

“She had such a good time and she was competing with children on a level playing field, and she was just one of the players. She wasn’t somebody who was invited out of sympathy or out of duty from the other players, she was really taking part.”

“Frame Football coming to Jersey is just really providing that opportunity for them to be part of a team and to be valued, to be independent and to just have fun, learning what it’s like to be part of team. It’s an important learning opportunity for them really.”


Sarah Jones, Mum of Haydn

‘Haydn and the whole family thoroughly enjoyed the Nottingham Development Gala and he is very keen to do another one!  Very well organised.  Loved the professionalism of having all the officials.  A perfect environment to get younger children exposed to race conditions.’

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Scott Tranmer ( Newtown Sports CPFC),  Parent & Coach

‘I’d like to say  a massive thank you to Sam Turner and your amazing kick-start programme. Sam came down to us and helped me so much to get our CP football team together. We now have 15 children that regularly come to play CP football every Sunday morning. Without your help we couldn’t have become so successful. Thank you’










Andrea,  Proud Mum of Jemma Dart

‘We were first introduced to CPSports 6 years ago, when my daughter was invited to a trip-sports day at Victoria School. That day she was fortunate to have a Mentor called Bethany Woodward.(Since that day we have watched Bethany Athletics career with interest). My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her day and has continued to attend.

Through this introduction, Jemma has also had the opportunity to attend the CPSports Swimming Gala’s at Winchester. She has really enjoyed this opportunity to compete on a level playing field. This year, was extra special as she was spotted by a swimming talent scout as well as meeting Sascha Kindred. 

Thank you for giving us this opportunity and keep up the good work on allowing sports to being accessible to all.’

Jemma Dart


CP Sport Swimming participant August 2016, Parent

‘Ella has been really busy with swimming – competing at English ASA Summer Nationals 2016 and now getting ready for the UK School Games 2016.

At Nationals she competed in 4 events and qualified for finals in 3 (100m, 400m freestyle and 100 back) so that was a big improvement as last year Ella did the same 4 events and qualified for her first ever final at this level. All good swims and ranked her highest ever at this level in placings and with British Disability points, with the highlight being a silver medal in the 100m backstroke-her first ever ASA Nationals medal. Ella is busy training this week with her coach working on technique improvements for the 100m back in preparation for the school games.

We really will be ever grateful to CP Sport for the opportunity Ella had last year at the CP World Games as it really gave her more inspiration to be her best and that she can do it, and the fact that other people believe that too.’


SportStart Day Manchester June 2016, Participants

‘Sit down Volleyball was brilliant!’

‘I enjoyed all the games and I made new friends’

‘Amazing experience’

‘I enjoyed the cycling best’









Swimming Development Gala Sheffield June 2016, Parent

‘We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed yesterday. As you know it was Ava’s first gala. She was pleased to receive a medal and certificate. She didn’t want to take it off! Everyone was very friendly and supportive.

Thanks again for a great event. We hope to attend more events in the future.’

Ava Entwistle 26 June 2016









Kidz to Adultz Conference in Reading June 2016, Parent

‘Our child is  4 ½ yrs and commences school in September. He has spastic cerebral palsy to all 4 limbs with dystonic symptoms. He uses a K walker for independence and is now walking independently for several steps all be it not safely, but his strength and determination he is improving constantly. He is cognitively very bright and mentally able. 

We are looking to encourage his to undertake all sports as it undoubtedly will help him emotionally but particularly physically for now and the future.

 I have joined the facebook page and spoken to your lovely lady who is the head of swimming. Already finding out that there is a frame football team only 2 miles away from us!!

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to know that disability is finally being put on the map and these wonderful, amazing children are now getting opportunities to shine and reach they’re full potential.’


SportStart, Sasha Macleod, School PE Coordinator, North Devon.

“I am a school PE coordinator in north Devon and my daughter has cerebral palsy. I was so inspired by last year’s Sportstart day that we attended, that I applied for and won a grant from our county council, and have now started up a sports and games club for 5-12 year olds in mainstream schools with any type of physical difficulty. If your Sportstart day hadn’t happened last year I don’t think I would’ve thought to do such a thing, so thank you to everyone at CP sport for being such an inspiration!”