In 2001, Cerebral Palsy Sport became an independent charity and has grown into a recognised national disability sports organisation. On 21st September 2016, Cerebral Palsy Sport celebrate 15 Years.

We are inviting anyone involved with CP Sport over the past 15 years to share their memories through social media using the hashtag #CPSport15.

Twitter  Our Twitter handle is @CP_Sport

Facebook  Our Facebook page is @cerebralpalsysport

We’ll also share some of those here for you to enjoy!


Scott Tranmer,  Newtown Sports CPFC  – Parent & Coach

‘I’d like to say happy birthday. Also a massive thank you to Sam Turner and your amazing kick-start programme. Sam came down to us and helped me so much to get our CP football team together. We now have 15 children that regularly cone to play CP football every Sunday morning. Without your help we couldn’t have become so successful. Thank you’


CP Teens UK

Happy 15th Birthday @CP_Sport , from CP Teens UK, especially from our RaceRunners both present & future! #CPSport15′


Leon Taylor – CP Sport Ambassador and Paralympian

‘As a CP Sport Ambassador I really enjoy being able share my experiences of disability sport with children and young people’









Andrea –  Proud Mum of Jemma Dart

‘We were first introduced to CPSports 6 years ago, when my daughter was invited to a trip-sports day at Victoria School. That day she was fortunate to have a Mentor called Bethany Woodward.(Since that day we have watched Bethany Athletics career with interest). My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her day and has continued to attend.

Through this introduction, Jemma has also had the opportunity to attend the CPSports Swimming Gala’s at Winchester. She has really enjoyed this opportunity to compete on a level playing field. This year, was extra special as she was spotted by a swimming talent scout as well as meeting Sascha Kindred. 

Thank you for giving us this opportunity and keep up the good work on allowing sports to being accessible to all.’

Jemma Dart







For further information about CP Sport contact info@CPSport.org or call 0115 925 7027