Cerebral Palsy Sport is the country’s leading national disability sports organisation supporting people with cerebral palsy to reach their sporting potential and putting people with cerebral palsy and their families at the heart of everything we do.

Cerebral Palsy Sport Board

Cerebral Palsy Sport is governed by a Board of Trustees that bring a range of skills in supporting the organisation with governance decisions. The Board of Trustees consists of up to ten independent individuals with a range of skills and competencies across key sectors that enables Cerebral Palsy Sport to operate as an effective strategic national disability sports organisation (NDSO), charity and a Limited company.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the charity and ensuring it performs well. Because of the charity’s significant role in the development of the sport, being a Trustee is a position of influence and great responsibility, now and for future generations.

Trustees are people who care passionately about Cerebral Palsy Sport and who recognise the vital contribution the organisation makes to the lives of people with disabilities.

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An annual review of Board members is undertaken to ensure that the Board is made up of individuals with the right balance of skills and experience to meet the needs of the organisation. There is an independent level of expertise on the Board, and currently there is a good mix of skills, gender and disability. The Board skills currently includes marketing, finance, business and legal services, human resources, information technology, user and cerebral palsy involvement and sport specialisms.

Articles of Association

The organisation is governed by our Articles of Association and our Strategy. The Articles can be downloaded below:

Cerebral Palsy Sport undertook a review of our Articles of Association in 2017 /2018 to ensure the organisation complies to the new Governance Code for Sport and to take account of the new membership categories that have been introduced in 2016 and 2017.

A Special General meeting was convened on October 6th 2018 for the Articles to be considered and approved by the membership and the new Articles were duly approved.

The  2018 Articles of Association can be viewed here:

CPS Signed Articles of Association 2018

Appointment of Trustees:

The Directors of the charitable company are the trustees for the purpose of charity law. The Board control and manage the affairs of the organisation with the support of the Senior Management team. The members elect annually the officers of the Board and the Board appoint the Chair. One third of the Board retired at the Annual General Meeting and may be eligible for re-election. A Board rotation plan is in place for the organisation.

Induction and Training for new Trustees

New trustees receive a Trustees handbook and undergo a formal induction process. The handbook contains information about the charity and its work, previous Board meeting minutes, policies and codes of conduct. They are also required to attend a formal induction session delivered by the Chief Executive and Chair.

Trustees are encouraged to meet with team members, volunteers and service users at sports events. Trustees have the option to co-opt further members to fill specialist roles. A skills analysis is undertaken to map the identified skills and experience of current board members. When considering the co-option and recruitment of trustees, the Board has regard to the requirement for ensuring that there is a balance of knowledge and expertise to govern the organisation effectively. Board training is provided on key specialist areas including safeguarding.

Policies and Procedures

The organisation’s governance is supported by a range of organisational policies and procedures. Some of our key policies can be found in our policy library.

Governance  – Board and Sub Committee Operations.

The charity’s Board meets every two months with the Sub Committees operating in between Main Board meetings.

The charity operates three sub committees that support the main Board.

These Sub-Committees are:

  • Finance, Fundraising and Marketing Sub Committee
  • Governance, Compliance and Human Resources Sub Committee.
  • Sports Development Sub Committee