Policy Library

Cerebral Palsy Sport Policy Library

Cerebral Palsy Sport is committed to operating the charity under the framework of clear, concise and appropriate policies and procedures.

Some of our key policy documents for the organisation are listed below:

Adults Safeguarding Policy 2019: CPS019a CP Sport Safeguarding Adults Policy June 2019

Childrens Safeguarding Policy 2019: CPS019 CP Sport Childrens Safeguarding Policy June 2019

Complaints and Resolution Policy 2019: CPS007 Complaints and Resolution Policy 2019

Fraud Prevention 2019: CPS031 Fraud Prevention and Detection Policy 2019

Eligibility of Trustees 2019: CPS021 The Eligibility of Trustees 2019

The Role of the Board 2019: CPS020 Role of the Board and Trustee Roles 2019

Objects and Standards 2019: CPS006 Objectives and Standards Policy 2019

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy 2019: CPS052 Confidentiality and Privacy Policy 2019

Social Media Policy 2019: CPS051 CP Sport Social Media Policy 2019

Whistleblowing Policy 2019: CPS043 Whistleblowing Policy 2019

Equality and Diversity Policy 2019: CPS041 CP Sport Equality and Diversity Policy 2019