Five minutes with….Graeme Ballard

We caught up with CP Sport Ambassador and athlete Graeme Ballard in his preparations for Rio 2016.



  •  When did your preparations for Rio 2016 start? I started thinking about Rio immediately after London as a 4-year cycle.


  •  What is your most memorable Paralympic sporting moment? It’s got to be London 2012 for the venue but for me personally in my career it is breaking the world record and being the 1st T36 to go below 12 seconds.


  •   What or who inspires you in your sporting career? I don’t really have anyone that inspires me but I do like to watch a fair race and respect good athletes.


  •  What are your hopes for Rio? My hopes for Rio is obviously to win Gold but I would be happy with any medal but feel I have been privileged to have been given the chance to compete in this, my 4th Paralympic games.


  •  What are you most looking forward to about the Paralympics in Rio? Just to enjoy the games and do my best to make my family and friends proud and to inspire more youngsters into enjoying sport.


  • Do you have any quotes or mantras you use? ‘Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win’. ‘ No pain no gain’. ‘ Can’t never did anything ‘.