Thomas Hitchen

Thomas is a 20 year old with a passion for sport, who not only plays but also helps others to experience/be involved in the sporting scene.

Thomas has been with us on a twelve week placement over which he has actively supported our team by carrying out numerous admin tasks that help with planning events, right through to applying for additional funding. It has been great to see him embrace the role, even umpiring at a National Table Cricket final.

Becoming a Cerebral Palsy Sport Ambassador Thomas said:

“I didn’t get into Table Cricket solely to play, but to be able to further my understanding of disability sport. This would not only allow me to further my knowledge, but also allow me to offer the thrills that sports bring that nothing else can!”

“I love how Table Cricket has been designed to encompass a whole range of participants to play on an even playing field. This alongside the competitive nature of the sport creates a remarkable atmosphere where everyone can be involved, while also being treated as an equal regardless of their differences. This is why I feel Table Cricket is such an amazing sport that should be even more widely recognised”.

Thomas HitchenWhile at CP sport competing my placement I have been involved in a wide array of tasks. These range from admin tasks such as data input, research, creation of documents and preparing letters to be sent out. However, my time here hasn’t just been behind a desk. I have also been involved in helping plan and run the National Table Cricket Final in Birmingham. This was an amazing opportunity that I felt very privileged to be involved in. It was an incredible experience, and a great day.

I would recommend anyone who wants to get involved in sport to contact CP Sport. They not only run a wide variety of sports and activities, but also work meticulously to make sure everything is inclusive and accessible for all. CP Sport also believes in giving people opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have. So if you want to experience sport ,CP Sport is definitely where you should be.”