Team CP England 2018

Cerebral Palsy Sport are proud to announce the final list of swimmers, athletes and RaceRunners who will represent Team CP England at the 2018 CPISRA World Games in San Cugat, Spain.

Athletes Swimmers RaceRunners
Amelia Richards Benjamin Rees Bethany Moulam
Anna Nicholson Catriona Chung Ellie Simpson
Anthony Bryan Charlotte Ryan Orla Conneely
Brendan Clifford Connor Stuart Charlie Denman
Cathy Booth Dominic Redpath Rafi Solaiman
Charlie Goodwin Ella Cooper-Holmes Muninder Hayer
Conor O’Hare Ella O’Donnell Matthew Humphreys
Emily Stewart Emily Manock Thomas Talbot
Gareth Brown Fabienne Andre
George Fox Hayley Milne
Grace Greenwood Hollie Pinder
India Oates Jacob Chambers
Jahziah Williams Jasmine Bamber
Jamie Edwards Jordan Quinn
Joel James Joshua Monaghan- Coombs
Leaha Dixon Leo Johnson
Leanna Horne Levi Codling
Nathan Freeman Matthew Davies
Olivia Gallagher Maya Brisco
Philippa Mannings Megan Short
Rachel Partington Nirari Youssefi-Titchen
Robert Allerston Sallie Phillips
Ryan Raghoo Samantha Lewis
Stewart Chappell Samuel Whearty
Thomas Stamp Sophie Taylor
Toby Markham Zoe Cain
Tyrone Williams
William Baxter
Yasmin Somers

For a full list of Team CP England, please download the list below: