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Nottingham 2015

Nottingham 2015 CPISRA World Games

Cerebral Palsy Sport hosted the first CPISRA World Games for ten years when we staged the Nottingham 2015 CPISRA World Games between 6-16 August 2015.

We are very proud that we staged a world-class event for all levels of ability and  welcomed the world.

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The inspirational CPISRA World Games 2015 was held in the heart of the historic city of Nottingham, England in August 2015. Participating athletes, coaches and countries very much welcomed, appreciated and benefited from the first CPISRA World Games to be held in ten years. The last Games were held in Connecticut, USA in 2005.

The guiding purpose of the Games was to provide a development opportunity that would prepare cerebral palsy athletes for future sporting success at major multi sports events such as World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Paralympics. In particular it should be a learning experience for talented athletes for whom it would be their first experience of international multisport competition.

Focusing on the guiding purpose the Local Organising Committee (LOC) – CP Sport England & Wales delivered a wonderful learning and development experience for all. Many an athlete described the Games as being like a “mini Paralympics”. An apt description as it mirrored on a small scale so many aspects of a Paralympics.

  • With the razzmatazz of the opening and closing ceremonies produced by City Arts in partnership with Dance4 and projecting the Games themes of “Aspirations” and “Transformations”.
  • Sports and accommodation facilities that included an events hub the newly refurbished Harvey Hadden Sports Complex (Athletics, Para Taekwondo, Swimming & Table Cricket ), satellite venues for the Football and Bowls, athletes & officials village located city centre at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) City Centre Campus and family, friends & volunteers village located out of the city at NTU Clifton Campus.
  • As with a Paralympics there was a commercial environment with event sessions ticket sales, Games merchandise on sale at all locations and local advertising and media promotion.
  • There was a real buzz and encouraging Games atmosphere, generated in large part by the 180 volunteer Games Starters. The Games Starters all wearing their CPISRA World Games Starter outfits were located throughout the locations and sports facilities, many had been volunteers at the Olympics and/or Paralympics London 201. They were all fantastic and added an extra special dimension. As did the Games Mascot – Louey. Louey was the outcome of a Games Mascot design competition across all schools in the Nottinghamshire area and was designed by a young boy called Anthony.
  • And finally and most importantly there was international competition conducted according to the IPC/IF rules and regulations and IPC/IF international classification. Anti-doping testing was also included.

With all the above aspects included there was a lot for the young athletes to adjust to, cope with and benefit from. Most if not all, will have completed the Games with increased self-confidence, independence and strength. They will be more aware of their international competiveness and international aspirations and goals. In addition, with the Games having been conducted in a spirit of fair play, equality and enjoyment that enabled and encouraged friendships to be formed then benefits extended to well-being and psychological benefits as well.

Thirteen countries (Austria, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, England, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Russian Federation, Scotland and Sweden) competed in the Games with 400 participants across the sports.

The majority of events took place on the new iconic Harvey Hadden Sports Complex, with the kind support of Nottingham City Council. The other competition venue was the Nottingham Indoor Bowls Centre for the Bowls.

The sports were:

  • Athletics
  • Bowls
  • CP Football (Inaugural U/19 CP Football World Championship)
  • Swimming Demonstration Sports
  • Para Taekwondo
  • Table Cricket

The CPISRA World Games 2015 was an experience that will live on in the memories of all those who attended and most significantly will have a lasting and positive impact on the athletes that competed. CPISRA hopes the success and benefits from the Games will lead to the CPISRA World Games once again being a regular feature of the international disability sports calendar.

We really enjoyed welcoming the world!

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