Team CP England: Athletics Selection Information

Selection Policy

This selection policy has been created in line with CPSIRA strategic aim to stage a world-class event for all levels of ability and are looking forward to welcoming the world.

The policy has therefore been structured to select a team with the following aims:

  • Opportunities for developing athletes.
  • Athletes who may not reach the standard or level required for World Championship or Paralympics in their athletics career.


  1. To be considered for selection, athletes must satisfy the following:
  2. Be eligible to compete for England and have a in date UK passport;
  3. Hold an IPC Athletics (confirmed or review) or British Athletics National Classification, gained by 24:00 (BST) 31st March 2015 in one of the following classifications:
  4. Track: T33, T34, T35, T36, T37, T38;
  5. Field: F31,F32, F33, F34, F35, F36, F37, F38;

Note: Not all events are offered to all classes. Please check – Athletics Standards for details of which events are available for which classes.

  1. Be aged 14 years by 31 December 2015.
  2. Have achieved the relevant CPSIRA Athletics Minimum Qualification Standard within the qualification period as set out in this Selection Policy;
  3. CPISRA World Games is a senior competition therefore all athletes will be throwing a senior weight.


  1. To be considered as part of the selection process, Athletics standard performances must be achieved between 00:00 (GMT) 1st April 2014 and 24:00 (BST) 10th May 2015;
  2. a) A list of events that performance can be achieve in 2015 season are listed in Appendix A
  3. b) The full list of Athletics Standards can be found in Appendix B and C;


Selection Process

  1. The Selection Panel will include the Team Manager, Team coach and Athletics Development Officer for Cerebral Palsy Sport. The team will be selected in May 2015
  2. The team will be selected and the athletes will be notified week commencing 18th May 2015. The team will be announced on 26th May 2015.
  3. Round 1- Athletes who are ranked in Top 20 in the World rankings will be automatically selected to a maximum of 2 athletes per event per classification.
  4. Round 2- Athletes who are ranked in the top 2 of the Power of 10 Rankings at 18.00 (BST) on 10th May 2015 (in the same event that the minimum Standards has been achieved) will be automatically selected to a maximum of 2 athletes per event per classification, with the following exception:
  5. Athletes who have already taken part in a World championships or Paralympics.
  6. Athletes competing in “weak” events (i.e. three (3) athletes or less on the power of 10 will NOT be automatically selected. They will instead be considered in round 3 (paragraph 5);
  7. Only Athletes eligible to represent England at the 2015 CPISRA World Games will be considered.
  8. Round 3 – all remaining eligible individual athletes:
  9. Athletes will only be selected for individual events in this round if the Selection Panel believe they have realistic potential to perform to the similar level as those athletes already selected.
  10. Athletes wishing to be considered for the 2015 CPISRA World Games must have competed and met the qualification standard in a licensed meet in the events they wish to be considered, between 1st April 2014- 10th May 2015. (A list of events that performance can be achieve in 2015 season are listed in Appendix A).
  11. Athletes wishing to enter OPEN events (see standards for details) must already be selected as part of the England team to be eligible to enter and Team Managers will select which athletes will take part in each OPEN event. If the Team Manager does not feel it is in the best interest of the athletes to take part in the OPEN events no athlete will be entered.


  1. Team members will be required to attend (where selected) all pre CPISRA World Games training camps and team meetings designated by CP Sport.
  2. If CPISRA withdraws an event from the programme after the final entry date, the athletes will be de-selected from the team, with the exception of them having been selected for another event.
  3. Any team member who withdraws themselves from the team, with the exception of withdrawal on medical grounds or as a result of an event being withdrawn, following selection may be liable for the reimbursement of any costs incurred on behalf of that team member.
  4. All Athletes will be required to sign and comply with the IPC Athletics Requirements, Rules and Regulations, Team England provisions consisting of the UK Anti-Doping Rules & Protocols, Selection Agreement and Code of Conduct, the UK Disciplinary Code and Child Protection Policies. .
  5. All appeals against non-selection for the England CPSIRA World Games 2015 must be made in writing to the Team Manager by Monday 1st June 2015 and it will be reviewed by an independent panel.

For the full selection document, please see below:

CPISRA World Games Athletics Team Selection 2015 V3