Harvey Hadden Sports Complex
Wigman Road
England, UK 

25m, 8 Lanes


Results for the swimming competition are being posted live, you can view them as they happen by clicking here.

Swimming Finals – 13th August

Swimming Finals – 14th August

Swimming Finals – 15th August

Competition Schedule (provisional)

Thursday 13th August 2015:

Day 1 Heats 10am

Event 1 Men’s 100m Backstroke S6-S10
Event 2 Women’s 100m Backstroke S6-S10
Event 3 Men’s 50m Backstroke S1-S5
Event 4 Women’s 50m Backstroke S1-S5
Event 5 Men’s 200m Individual Medley SM5-SM10
Event 6 Women’s 200m Individual Medley SM5-SM10
Event 7 Men’s 50m Freestyle S1-S10
Event 8 Women’s 50m Freestyle S1-S10

Finals 2pm

Friday 14th August 2015:

Day 2 Heats 10am

Event 9 Men’s 400m Freestyle S6-S10
Event 10 Women’s 400m Freestyle S6-S10
Event 11 Men’s 200m Freestyle S1-S5
Event 12 Women’s 200m Freestyle S1-S5
Event 13 Men’s 100m Butterfly S8-S10
Event 14 Women’s 100m Butterfly S8-S10
Event 15 Men’s 50m Butterfly S1-S7
Event 16 Women’s 50m Butterfly S1-S7

Finals 2pm

Saturday 15th August 2015:

Day 3 heats 10am

Event 17 Men’s 100m Breaststroke SB4-SB9
Event 18 Women’s 100m Breaststroke SB4-SB9
Event 19 Men’s 50M Breaststroke SB1-SB3
Event 20 Women’s 50m Breaststroke SB1-SB3
Event 21 Men’s 100m Freestyle S1-S10
Event 22 Women’s 100m Freestyle S1-S10

Finals 1.30pm


Competition Format:

  • All heats will be seeded according to time and not classification.
  • All finals will be swum per classification for each event.
  • Competitors must present themselves to the call up area three events prior to the one in which they are competing. It is the competitor’s responsibility to be at the start in time for their event.
  • Reserve finalists must also report to the call up area three events prior to the one in which they are competing.
  • 8 Lanes will be used for both Heats and Finals.
  • The top 8 swimmers in each class, regardless of Age Group, from the heats as determined by time will progress to the final.
  • In the event of a dead heat of equal time, which results in the number of finalists exceeding 8, a swim-off shall take place to determine which of those swimmers shall go forward to the final.
  • Final positions and medals shall be determined by time.