Give It Back campaign calls for support

The Disabled Children’s Partnership wants to open the eyes of the public and improve the understanding of the challenges faced by families on a day-to-day basis.

About The Give It Back campaign

There is a £434 million funding gap in children’s social care. That means that, every day, disabled children are missing out on £1.2 million of support from authorities.

This is preventing disabled children living their best lives and is driving their families into the ground – incurring greater costs for health and social care in the long-term.

Disabled children are missing out on the funding they need.

The Disabled Children’s Partnership are calling on the Government to Give It Back.

How to get involved

Sign up to ask the Chancellor to increase funding for care for disabled children.

Find out more about our Give It Back campaign in partnership with the Sun newspaper.

“Three Pillars” to help ensure health and social care services work for disabled children and their families.

Join the conversation on social media #GiveItBack