CP Sport volunteers & Paralympic torch relay

CP Sport volunteers took part in the Paralympic torch relay on 29th August 2012 as part of the official torch relay. The volunteers were delighted to have been nominated and each has their own unique reasons for support CP Sport. Thank you to all of the CP Sport torch bearers!


From Staffordshire.

Nomination story:

Maura tirelessly raises money for many charities through her own business as a personal fitness instructor and Zumba teacher.

This year alone she has raised £786.00 for CP Sport not to mention the other charities she raises funds for. Without the help of supporters like Maura, we as a small charity could not function and children with CP would not be able to access sport and go on to pursue their dreams. In 2011 she organised 8 charity events bringing young and not so young people together in sport. She recently gave her time to deliver an Aqua Zumba class at CP Sport’s 10th birthday celebration party where many of our current paralympic swimmers took part; they said they had never worked so hard.

Sport is for all and Maura has made that happen and raise funds along the way.


From Manchester.

Nomination story:

The Great British public are a nation of givers and none more so than Steve Greatorex who gives all his time bringing sport to children and young people with a disability in Yorkshire.

He runs the club Wakefield Able 2 which provides various sports including: Wheel chair football and rugby along with Boccia / Swimming / Basketball and multi sports days. He puts in a vast amount of his time with these young people who otherwise cannot access sport or sporting competitions. He has great rapport with his participants and goes that extra mile by making sure they can travel to events by taking them himself. He is a totally selfless person and all his work and passion for sport is for the children.


From Stoke.

Nomination story: