Barry Brough’s Olympic Journey [3]


My final duties involved me driving my clients to the airport the next day and final farewells to my Games Maker experience which was at times Intimidating, Stressful, Exhausting but overall Very Enjoyable and definitely a once in a life time experience.

I was lucky in being chosen for my role in the Olympics as fellow Games Makers had jobs, which were less glamorous but no less important i.e. As dispatchers of the vehicles from the depots, who sometimes never saw the light of day let alone any sporting activities, the meeter and greeters at hotels and venues who were standing about in all weathers, workforce check in staff who were based in hotels and port-a-cabins and those that were based at the stadium and other venues but their activities involved them working behind the scenes and never saw any live action – It was all 70,000 Games Makers that made the Games a success along with other organisations such as the Troops, Police and Emergency services.

Other abiding memories were my contacts with the General Public. On the tube I met a family who were just returning from one of the venues in the Olympic Park and their daughter was really enthused with the Olympics – I gave her my Namibian pin badge as a memento which she was thrilled with and immediately attached to her baseball cap, the guy who approached me on the bus and said that he was really cynical about the games before they had started but was now a convert and really getting involved in them and finally when returning to my sister’s house one evening about midnight a Jamaican lady spontaneously shouted out ‘Thank You’ – these two words are what all Games Makers would have appreciated most, it acknowledged their role in this fantastic event and it is what inspired them to sign up to be part of in the first place.