William Hill Olympic Baton Relay

Inspired by the torch relay and in recognition of the start of the Paralympics, bookmakers William Hill are staging a relay race of their own – between more than 650 betting shops across the country – in aid of Cerebral Palsy Sport.

The three-week event, which set off on Monday, will comprise of two routes – one from Derby and one from St Ives and will pass through several counties across the Midlands, the south west and north and south west London before both reaching the final destination of Wembley Stadium on September 9.

The William Hill shop teams will use any means possible from walking, running, the bus, cycling and even flying to ensure the betting shop baton reaches the next stop, with all funds raised on the way going to Cerebral Palsy Sport.

Baton one starts at St Ives and makes its way through Newquay and Torquay – stopping off at the William Hill shops in Jersey on the way – through Yeovil, to Weston-Super-Mare and to Bristol then to Bath and Swindon. From Swindon it heads across towards Wembley, via Salisbury, Chichester, Guildford, Windsor, Ascot, Twickenham, Epsom, Norwood and Harrow.

Baton two starts off in Derby and the route takes it through all the shops in Birmingham, through Hereford to South Wales, Wolverhampton, Stoke and down through North London.

Jennie Prest, of William Hill, said: “While we aren’t quite expecting crowds of Olympic torch proportions, all our shop teams and customers have got behind the event and there will be celebrations and the all-important fundraising at every shop our baton visits. We hope everyone comes out to cheer our employees.”