Local school raises funds for Cerebral Palsy Sport

SAM_0080On Friday 15th April 2016, Cerebral Palsy Sport attended Tibshelf Infant and Junior School to support the school’s Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day.

The event was inspired by one of the school pupils who has cerebral palsy. The school, his parents and the pupil himself wanted to give his peers the opportunity to experience a range of sports and activities that are adapted to meet the needs of those with a physical disability and raise the awareness of what cerebral palsy is.

The Cerebral Palsy Sport team attended on the day to give the young pupils the opportunity to experience Table Cricket. Other sports such as archery and wheelchair basketball were also available throughout the day, and activities such as painting were also provided where pupils and teachers had to paint holding the brush in different way.

Cerebral Palsy Sport’s Ambassador Leon Taylor, who was goalkeeper for the GB team at the 2008 Beijing Games, attended the day leading the schools assembly and then led a session on Blind Football.

The school also arranged a cake sale for before and after the school day, as a gesture of thanks from both the school and the pupil’s family they will be donating all the proceeds to Cerebral Palsy Sport.

A member of the school staff reflected that “I feel we have given these young children such a great opportunity to believe in themselves, have a go at something a little different, and to be inspired. ”

The day was a fantastic event that Cerebral Palsy Sport thoroughly enjoyed being a part of and thank you to everyone who helped support the day.

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