British Paralympic Association launch new strategy

Today, the British Paralympic Association (BPA) have launched their new 2016-2021 strategy Inspiring Excellence.

The BPA have committed to focusing harder than ever in the next five years on combining excellence on the field of play with inspiration off it, as they reveal their new Strategic Plan for 2016-2021.
Called Inspiring Excellence, the plan outlines the intended vision, mission, values, strategic priorities, organisational structure and planning for the period from the Rio 2016 to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and commits the British Paralympic Association (BPA) to a four year programme of targeted planning and continued development.

Building on their previous ‘Maximising Momentum’ strategy, the Plan will guide BPA through the 2018 Pyeongchang Paralympic Winter Games and to the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Summer Games.

The BPA has a unique responsibility:

  • to select, manage and take the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team to the Paralympic Games

The Plan promises the organisation will focus on delivering the highest level of service to winter and summer athletes in their ambitions over the cycle. Core to the plan is the retained vision “Through sport, inspire a better world for disabled people”.

The BPA’s ambition is to deliver real and lasting change in society through the inspirational impact of Paralympic athletes on the field of play and effective promotion of the opportunity for and impact of para-sport off it.
A copy of the strategy can be downloaded here: Strategic_Plan_2016-2021

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