Cerebral Palsy Sport supports British Gymnastics clubs to become more inclusive.

Cerebral Palsy Sport announced its partnership with British Gymnastics in 2018. The purpose of the partnership is to support the National Governing Bodies (NGB) aims and aspirations for inclusive gymnastics clubs and opportunities across the country. As part of the NGB developing their inclusion strategy, they consulted with their clubs and coaches to identify areas of development. 67% of coaches reported that they wanted additional CPD that focused on coaching people with physical disabilities.

Encouraged by this British Gymnastics have partnered with Cerebral Palsy sport to provide 6 Cerebral Palsy and Sport Workshops throughout 2019/20. The workshops will allow local gymnastics coaches to develop their knowledge and understanding and ensure that they are confident in coaching children and young people with a physical disability. To date 26 gymnastics coaches have received the training through workshops in Manchester and Oxfordshire and a third workshop is taking place in Warrington on the 23rd March.


BG Cpd Manchester

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