Chelsea Blues Take Top Spot

CP Sports National Adult CP Football League has been running since September 2017 and after 5 fixtures the Southern Conference Winners are Chelsea Blues!

The League has continued to run with fixtures taking place on a monthly basis. The league consists of 8 teams from 6 clubs across the country, and is split into a Northern Conference and Southern Conference. The team are

Companthorpe North East CP FC

CP United Reds

CP United Blue

Derby County Community Trust CP

South West CP

Disability 4 Sport CP

Chelsea Whites

Chelsea Blues

The Southern conference teams have now played all fixtures with competition for the top spot coming down the the last games of the season and Chelsea Blues coming top of the table by 1 point. Chelsea Blues will now go forward to compete against the Northern Conference winners on the 16th June at St Georges Park as part of the FAs Disability Cup Finals.

For more information regarding the league and to see the league table click here

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