CP Sport and Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

13th – 19th May 2019 is Mental Health Awareness Week. Cerebral Palsy Sport are recognising the link between sport and mental health for those with cp and highlighting the impact and need for our work.

Many children and adults with cerebral palsy report feelings of isolation and exclusion from activities which can impact on well-being and self-belief.

Children with cerebral palsy are significantly more likely to encounter barriers that can prevent them from accessing sport which can make them feel marginalised, isolated and disengaged from their peers and local community. Typical barriers with cp include: lack of accessibility and inclusive opportunities, lack of support and a shortfall of skills from professionals around enabling children with cerebral palsy to engage in sports.

People with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities have told us they are very passionate about sports and enjoy watching and supporting a team, but they had very few real opportunities to participate. They are often excluded from taking part; or they are the last person to be picked or their participation is tokenistic which can leave them feeling isolated and excluded.

Our inclusive work aims to address these disadvantages by enabling children and adults to engage in a range of adapted activities that seek to maximise potential and improve skills and well-being.

Our Impact in 2018

  • 76% people with cerebral palsy increased their self-confidence
  • 67% people with cerebral palsy improved their physical and emotional wellbeing
  • 99.1% of our service users rated our sports events as good or excellent

Cerebral Palsy Sport Ambassador Leon Taylor said,

“I have struggled with my mental health for much of my adult life, dealing with periods of anxiety and depression.  Recently I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 2.  However playing sport regularly has helped me immensely and has really helped in lifting my mood during the dark days. Without the ‘release’ of football my life could have panned out very differently”.

During the week we will be sharing case studies which highlight the positive impact sport has had on participants, using the hashtag #CPWellbeing

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