CP Sport partner with Sporting Equals

As part of the CP Sport new strategy to be launched for 2021 the National Disability Sports Organisation will be working with Sporting Equals as Charter Partners.   

Sporting Equals is the leading UK ‘thinktank’ for research into Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities and sport, and has over 20 years of experience in delivering high-quality bespoke research to both the public and private sector. Sporting Equals have worked with a range of partners developing its expertise and understanding, including Sport England and UK Sport. Their research highlights that people from BAME communities still encounter significant disparities across the sport and physical activity sector. 

The three primary aims of Sport Equals are to 1) To raise awareness and understanding of the needs of BAME communities, within the sports and health sector, in order to change attitudes and increase participation in sport and physical activity 2) To empower individuals and communities to play a part in this change, and achieve their full potential through playing sport and being active 3) To advise and support policy-makers and delivery bodies to be inclusive of all under-represented groups, drawing on our experience with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. 

CP Sport will be developing training and education programmes to support building our workforce community.  We will be learning about and developing partnerships with their Associate Members (community organisations), as well as raising awareness of cerebral palsy with Sporting Equals and their members.  

Adi Fawcett CP Sport COO said,

“Our project work with Sporting Equals will be a key focus of our new strategy, enabling us to reach a diverse range of communities and work with them to provide increased capability and opportunity for people with cp to be physically active.  I am proud to be leading CP Sport into an important partnership with Sporting Equals and look forward to collaborating with new communities, clubs and organisations.” 

If you are a coach or organisation interested in being involved in our work with Sporting Equals or if you are part of the BAME community and want to share your personal experiences in sport please contact adi.fawcett@cpsport.org