CP Sport’s Black Friday Boccia Sale

The CP Sport Black Friday Boccia sale is on.

With every order made we’ll be sending a FREE Boccia resource booklet (while stocks last) which contains lots of game ideas. Here are our sale items listed below – when they are gone they are gone so don’t delay.

5 x superior classic medium 12 panel (blue bag)- Was £270 each, now £243 each

1 x superior classic medium 6 panel (blue bag)- Was £270, now £243

1 x mini Boccia set- Was £155, now £139.50

5 x paddles- Was £9.50 each, now £8.55 each

3 x blue bags – Was £70.00 each, now £63 each

1 x red soft 12 panel ball- £271 x red medium 12 panel ball- £27

1 x red hard 12 panel ball- £271 x white medium 12 panel ball- £27

1 x blue hard 12 panel ball- £27

Superior Rio 2016 Boccia Set

Prices exclude postage & packaging. For more details or to order please contact us at info@cpsport.org

Order in time for Christmas (UK delivery) by Wednesday 9th December.