Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training awareness week: Communities reaping benefits of active lives

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Over three years, more than 7,000 people have benefitted from Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training. As a result, tens of thousands of disabled people are leading a more active lifestyle. The programme is reaching its final six months of this funding cycle and the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) is using an awareness week to celebrate the successes so far. From 6-13 April, join us in promoting the value of this training in communities across England.

Support more disabled people to lead active lives in your community

From Thursday 6 April, EFDS will be sharing stories, videos and more from Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training on Twitter and Facebook. Each day, the stories will focus on how the training has made a real difference to disabled people, volunteers, support workers, community organisations and healthcare professionals.

How you can get involved

  • Individuals and organisations can show their support by signing up to our Thunderclap. With your help, we can blast the important training message across social media on Thursday 13 April.
  • Share our stories on social media using the programme hashtag #AK4A
  • Perhaps you have taken part in a workshop. Share your stories with us – it would be great to know more!
  • Sign up for a workshop using the contact information below.


“A unique opportunity to up-skill those at the heart of our communities”

Barry Horne, Chief Executive of EFDS, said:

“EFDS exists to make active lives possible for disabled people so we’re really keen to get more people in every community feeling confident and skilled at including everyone in activities. The Inclusive Community Training is a unique opportunity to up-skill those who are at the heart of our local communities.

“There are many people working or volunteering in local areas, who would benefit from the additional knowledge that this training provides. They often play a major role in influencing more disabled people to be active, whether in their own groups or by setting up new sessions. This week puts a spotlight on the tremendous opportunities available around the country.”

Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training is delivered by EFDS in partnership with sports coach UK. Mark Gannon, CEO of sports coach UK, added:

“Sports coach UK is delighted to have worked in partnership with EFDS on the Inclusive Community programme since 2013, leading to over 7,000 individuals taking part in the training. This programme will leave a legacy of well-trained confident volunteers and support workers inspiring continued participation within the disabled community who, while having lots of fun and being involved socially, will also benefit from the long-term health benefits being physically active brings.”

Lisa O’Keefe, Director of Insight at Sport England said:

“The Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training has equipped thousands of people with the knowledge and confidence to help disabled people be more active. This training reaches the people that are likely to have a supporting role in the disabled person’s life, provides them with guidance on options and possibilities for an active life, so they can not only encourage disabled people to be active but also be confident the activity is relevant and suitable.

“This is part of our commitment and ambition for everyone, regardless of their age, background or level of ability, to feel able to engage in sport and physical activity.”

More information

The Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training Programme is a unique opportunity that improves knowledge, competence and confidence of those that work and support disabled people in delivering sport-based activities. It is aimed at people or organisations that represent the community, have direct access or contact with disabled people or have the opportunity to introduce physical activity and sport to disabled people.

The training consists of a three-hour practical workshop, supported by online materials and costs a maximum of £10 per participant, although subsidies may apply.

To find out about workshops in your area or to arrange one yourself, email or telephone 01509 227751.